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Your website shouldn’t look like it came off-the-shelf; it needs to stand out. Just standing out isn’t enough, though: it needs to be secure and intuitive to use; to incorporate the features relevant to your site; and to load quickly. That’s a tall order, and most people simply don’t have the knowledge and skills needed, nor the time to invest in developing them. Fortunately, you don’t have to: we’re Custom Web Design, we’ve already developed those skills, and we’re here to help.

All of the websites we build use the WordPress platform, as it is versatile, secure, and has an interface simple enough that even those without knowledge of web design will be able to maintain and update the content of their sites. On top of that, our design team builds beautiful, easy-to-navigate custom designs with the features your site needs. Check out our packages below, or contact us to get help finding the right design solution.

  • Price
  • Detail
  • About
  • $500
  • WordPress CMS
  • SITE + SEO
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  • $4000
  • WordPress CMS

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Our custom web design services include

  • Customized Websites

    Your website should be designed specifically for your needs, not be just some generic website with your content filled in. We'll tailor your layout and features to the needs of your site, so it is just as unique as your company.

  • Logo Design

    Our graphic design team can work with you to design just the right logo to represent you!

  • Simple Billing

    You don't want surprises when it comes to billing. Before you start, you want to know exactly how much you're going to pay, and what you're going to get for your money. Our package pages tell you exactly what you're getting, and exactly how much it will cost. If you need a customized package, the prices we give you are exactly the price you'll pay.

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Client Testimonials

The Best, No Question

" I've worked with other web design companies, and always come away disappointed. So when I needed a website for my shop, I asked around for recommendations, which is how I found Custom Web Design. I'm glad I listened to that recommendation, because I had a great experience.

They really did a great job of talking with me to make sure they understood what I was looking for, and they frequently solicited my thoughts on work as it proceeded. The site that resulted is amazing: I never would have thought I could have such a beautiful site, and I certainly didn't expect it to cost so little. I'm happy to be able to pass along the recommendation that was given to me. "

Debra F., tobacconist

Fantastic service

" Custom Web Design do a great job of bringing their exceptional insight, skills, and formidable talent to customers, providing a service which produces websites uniquely tailored to each client. Best of all, they do all this quickly and affordably. I had a great experience, and I'll definitely hire them again in the future. "

Scott C., Pizzeria owner

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